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i think, therefore i am
wazzupppp! this is my way of sharing my life! im VERO! mean and SEXY..haha.. i am a NURSE..i love exposing myself to people. i am a daughter...the sweetest of all! (kaboom!) i am a friend...always ready to make you laugh and smile! volleyball is my game! swimming is my passion! (my skin shows) i love traveling because it's more fun in the Philippines! haha... i love vanilla ice cream! no!no! to halo-halo (weird me) i sing but music hates me..like dancing do? wahaha.. good thing my theatrical instincts back me up! life has taught me to be strong.. because God is always by my side! He told me to KEEPMOVING because YOU are VERO! come by me.. my hands will share.. my eyes will observe... my ears will listen... my mouth will shhhhhh... my nose will uhm? ahhh,,, hmmm? will just be it! haha im ME and that should ne IT!
Ma Veronica Hernandez

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